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Are you new in Sweden with a pharmaceutical education? Read this!

In Sweden, around 70 per cent of all employees are members of a union. Sveriges Farmaceuter, The Swedish Pharmacists Association, is a trade union for university graduates in pharmacy, founded in 1903. We aim to ensure that you are secure in your employment and able to develop in your professional life. As a professional association, we are experts on the competence, skills and labour market for pharmacists.

We represent 6 700 university graduates in pharmacy. We are a politically independent trade union and a part of Saco, the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations, a trade union confederation of 23 affiliated associations which together have 650 000 members. A membership of one of Saco's 23 unions has many benefits. For example, you get security through collective agreements, income insurance, personal advisory services and Sweden's best salary statistics.

The Swedish Pharmacists Association welcomes you. Our offer:

Are you on your way on becoming a pharmacist with a Swedish pharmacists' license? We offer you a membership with many benefits that are particularly important on your way to your career in Sweden:



Personal and professional security

Free of charge casualty insurance, advice regarding your future employment and working life

Career and development

Professional career coach, review of your employment contract, advice regarding your salary, CV review services and preparation before employment interviews


Seminars, workshops, Svensk Farmaci (our members' magazine)


Kick-start your career with us
If you update your membership and become a professional member when you receive your swedish pharmacist's license, we have a special offer for you. You get a membership fee discount and we sponsor the cost of your license (700 SEK). More information in swedish here

The membership fee is 100 SEK in total until you receive your Swedish pharmacist's license. Register for a membership by filling out this application (in Swedish). 

If you have questions, contact

Terms of membership

You need a testimonial from the Health and Human services department to verify that your pharmaceutical education is being reviewed. The membership is valid until you receive a Swedish legitimation. The age limit to the additional insurances connected to the student membership is the month you turn 40 years old. Note that negotiation assistance is included in the membership. We represent you in the Swedish labour market exclusively where pharmacists normally work.

Information casualty insurance

This information is currently in swedish only. If you have questions, please contact Akademikerförsäkring  directly. 

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