FIP-kongressen i Abu Dhabi

24 september 2019 – 26 september 2019


This year's congress is promising to be a very special one. Under the theme of New horizons for pharmacy – Navigating winds of change, new trends in science, practice and education will be discussed. The focus will be on new research, technology, digitalization and sustainability. This brings new roles, opportunities and responsibilities. Also ethical considerations will be discussed, just as new values, access to health, health systems, non-communicable diseases and empowerment of patients.

FIP hopes to welcome you to Abu Dhabi, UAE from 22 – 26 September 2019. 


06 februari 2020, 18:30 – 20:30

Föreläsning om den kommande avtalsrörelsen, LINKÖPING

Hälsouniversitetet, Linköping

07 februari 2020, 11:30 – 13:00

Bli en bättre förhandlare

Webbaserat seminarium

02 april 2020

För dig som är skyddsombud: arbetsmiljöeventet Gilla Jobbet

Flera platser runt om i landet